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Ahhh I think I'm a member of this club but never post.Sorry about that. ORZ

The thing is I have no way of taking pictures of my plushies, but I do have some so I can post those now.

The first one is my Poliwhirl plush, the first Pokemon plush I got ever and has alot significance and sentimental value to me.

A friend of mine bought this for my 7th birthday when she went to Texas. This guy's been my buddy ever since and definitely my favorite plushie. And Poliwhirl's become my favorite Water type and 1st gen Pokemon ever since because this plush has so many good memories.

And two more plushies of my. My Treecko and Turtwig plushies and my mini-Poliwhirl plush that can also turn into a Pokeball.

Please note the picture is cropped from a much bigger picture of all my Pokemon collection, but I just wanted to show the plushies off so I cropped it.

That's all of my plushies that I've taken pictures of. Hopefully more to come soon whenever I get a camera.
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