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Hi everyone, might be a bit late to hop on the band wagon, I just saw it now!
Position (multiple if necessary): Head of Graphics

Proof of Ability (if applicable): (Collection of sprites I've made) (Screenshots from a hack I'm working on) (Screenshots of the maps I've made using custom tiles) (Collection of fakemon I've made for another hack I'm collaborating on) (Examples of Trainers I've made for my hack, with a modified Diploma Screen) (Examples of some Resized gen 4 and 5 sprites, and custom sprites)

Comments (if applicable):
I generally prefer Spriting in terms of graphics, front sprites, backsprites, OW sprites, you name it. I make sprites from scratch, I can shrink Gen4 and Gen5 sprites to 64x64 style, I merge firered, hg and bw sprites to make custom sprites, so I can pretty much be relied on to either make new sprites for existing pokemon in that way, or shrink sprites that are too big, or even make fakemon if we decide to go in that direction. I have done title screen work which has been successful, I've also made lots of tiles that all seem to work fine and look nice in terms of the HGSS style. I have never done menus, but I'm sure I can pick it up. I have lots of experience with scripting and mapping as well as I have been working on a hack myself (I hope to have a Beta out soon on Pokecommunity). I haven't been particularly active since I've joined, so I may seem like I have come out of nowhere, but I have been hacking fairly continuously for a few years, and have been doing my own personal hack for 2 months now, and have been spriting for much longer. I felt inspired to return to Pokecommunity through working with other hacking websites and seeing the great wealth of resources and hackers over here. Thanks to everyone out there for just listening to my application!

Also in relation the questions posed earlier:

I would say, Yes for fakemon, depending on the skill of design and spriting team.
It would really show how good we are as a pokemon community if we were able to create viable, and popular fakemon.

I would also say Yes for gen4-5 pokemon. There's no reason they should be excluded in all honesty, there are so many tools out there that makes their implementation easy. It also would just be more pokemon inclusive.
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