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^Think you mighta got mixed up and put the mushroom instead of the penguin!

This happened a good while ago, but I finally got a Homura to accompany my Madoka. I couldn't wait to get her anymore!

Also, my sister sent me the bear from Ouran HSHC for Christmas! I don't know the first thing about Ouran, but I've got the bear!

As for Raikou, I normally would've asked for Suicune since he's my favorite of the trio, but the Raikou was way cuter! :3
I went to a small anime con the other day, but I arrived a couple hours after it started, and by then most of the good Pokemon plushies were already gone! I saw people walking around with big eeveelutions and Blastoise and stuff @_@ Next time!! (I also considered buying a grunty from .hack, but decided against it in the end)