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Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Coronis

Accatosh let the younglings eat their breakfast and get ready to leave, he glanced over to Truestriker and Vigil who were having a rather important conversation, when they were done, Truestriker started packing up, then he stopped, after a moment, he finished packing up, and took his golden emblem from his arm and showed it in a particular direction letting the sun bounce off of it. Shortly after the Galade did so there came a shout "Please don't be alarmed, I am on your side." Accatosh turned to look at the one who spoke, it was a Meganium. Turns out Truestriker did in fact find something, however he seemed, to Accatosh at least, to have a lot on his mind. The Meganium came closer, she looked rather odd, considering she had leaves underneath the flower petals around her neck, and the darker green skin color, but other than that she looked normal. As soon as she was close enough to talk without needless shouting she introduced herself, "My name is Dinorah. Are you all from Gold Tribe?"

"yes, we're all gold tribe, except the three younglings over there." Accatosh said, nodding with his head to the three young ones, he looked the Meganium up and down for a moment, "and what is someone like you doing here, at this hour?"