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Recently found my old lost copy of Emerald in a box somewhere. I started this game like in 2006/07 and my team atm is
Mighyena lv 50
Absol lv 49
Sceptile lv 60
Tropius lv 50
Registeel lv. 40
Wailord lv. 44

This was the time when I still only focused on my starter which explains why it's 10-20 levels higher than my other Pokemon. I'm about to take on the E4 and then I'll start a new game.

On my current file of Sapphire, this is my team is:

Streep/Azumarill lv. 35
Sceptile lv. 36
Phlurffy/Altaria lv. 38
Aaron/Lairon lv. 35
Makit/Makuhita lv. 36
Solstice /Absol lv. 35

And for my current FireRed save:
Pidgeot lv. 60
Primeape lv. 56
Venusaur lv.68
Wigglytuff lv. 62
Lapras lv. 61
Pikachu lv. 60
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