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Got ninja'd for the last spot in your other RP, maybe I'm lucky enough this time to reserve that last slot remaining?

EDIT: I got bored and wrote my sign-up just in case =P

Real Name: Geoff Sekera
Real Age: 20
Real Gender: Male
Personality: Geoff is usually described by his friends and family as one of the kindest people that they know. He’s more than willing to do a favor for his friends, and his loyalty to his family will always shine through. This bites him in the butt a lot, however, as he doesn’t know how to say no. He wants to make sure that everyone is happy, even if it means he has to sacrifice things that are important to him, as well as shirking off his own responsibilities.

Geoff can always be seen smiling, whether he’s at his work-study job, walking to class, at a party, or just relaxing with a few friends. His laughter is infectious, and can quickly turn a quiet room into a space filled with joy. He has an aura of positivity surrounding him at all times, which makes people think that he never has any sort of problems. Truth be told, he’s an expert at hiding his emotions, as he never wants to trouble people with his problems. This gets him in trouble at times, as running away and hiding from your problems does nothing but prolong them and make them worse.

Outside of what his friends and family see when they are with him, he still struggles with what he wants out of life and how to achieve it. Like every college student, he feels overwhelmed with his work, and his own internal pressure weighs on his mind a lot. To help escape this, he always partook in video games. As a child he played the Pokémon series, and as he grew up he started to play first-person shooter games, as they mindless gameplay was easy to take his mind off of school and its troubles. Little did anyone know that his love for Pokémon never went away!

History: Geoff was born in suburban Rochester, New York. He was just a rather average kid: He experimented with sports, joined the boy scouts, enrolled in preschool (and eventually regular school), and made friends. The one thing that really kept his interest was baseball. It was a sport that he was rather good at (with the exception of batting), and he made some of his first friends there. He felt sheer bliss while he was in his preferred position of second base. He met his two first best friends here, Kevin and Martin. They were inseparable; they always hung out during any free time they had at school, joked around on the baseball field, and their parents baby sat each other, eventually making all of their parents good friends.

Pokémon Red and Blue were released when Geoff was 6, and he instantly fell in love with those games. He spent a lot of his free time in front of his Game Boy, and less and less with his two friends. Even during school he would spend lunch time pretending he was in the Kanto region, instead of socializing like the rest of the kids he did age. He lost touch with Martin and Kevin, as they had no interest in the "nerd" that Geoff was becoming. Geoff was hurt by this, but he adapted and found new friends that shared his common interest, and was happy to have people to play with, even though deep down he was hurt that he lost his two best friends.

As time passed, his parents relationship grew weaker and weaker, and eventually they decided to call it quits and get a divorce when Geoff was 13. Thankfully it was rather civil, and the two remained friends, and very active in raising Geoff. They stayed in the same town, and it was a maximum of ten minutes between the two of them. Geoff couldn't be luckier when it comes to this situation, Geoff didn't see the big picture, just how it was affecting him. He hated that he had to travel every day back and forth between his parents' houses, dealing with what could become potential step parents, it just made him sad. However, he would never want to make his parents feel bad or disappoint them, so he hid his true feelings under a smile.

As Geoff made his way through high school, he continued to play the Pokémon series, just this time without the knowledge of anyone else. Hiding his disappointment of his parents divorce with positivity actually turned him into the social butterfly; he was well-known throughout school and friends with at least one person in every social group. He still had his home group of friends that he made back when Pokémon was cool, but they had all grown up and moved on to new interests, especially new games. They all liked to play games like Halo and Call of Duty on Xbox Live when they got home from school, but Geoff would play Pokémon between games or when nothing was going on.

Geoff graduated high school, spent his last summer with his friends, and moved on to college life. He stayed in Rochester to go to school, but he and his parents agreed that it would be best for the experience that he lives on campus. He started in as a Business major, but eventually settled on Psychology. College life was different for him, as instead of being friends with everyone, he started only recognizing a few faces. He grew close with his roommate, Jon, and he continued to make more friends. When he wasn't bogged down at his work-study job at one of the on-campus food places, he would still play Pokémon on his laptop.


Avatar Name: |Kinder|
Avatar Age: 16
Avatar Gender: Male
Avatar Appearance: Geoff based the appearance of his avatar in MAO off of various traits of characters from video games that he loved outside of Pokémon. The one thing that Geoff wasn't in real life was muscular, so he decided to take the height and build of Marcus Fenix from Gears of War, which brought up to around 5'10", and probably near 160 pounds. He had golden, short blonde hair like Link from The Legend of Zelda. His eyes are a hazel, although sometimes they seem to appear as plain brown. His jaw line was well defined and rugged, making his avatar look older than the chosen age of 16.

Clothing-wise, Geoff wanted to keep some things similar to himself, as the avatar was a virtual representation of himself in some regard. He wore a simple pair of jeans, with a cyan v-neck shirt. Unlike real life, the shirt went with the contours of his body, instead of hanging loosely off of his arms. On his left wrist he wore a sports watch, just like in reality. He also wore a plain, black, zip hoodie. He gave himself a pair of hiking boots akin to Timberland, as who would want to travel in something that wouldn't be able to handle terrain. On his back he wore a black backpack, as every trainer should have a bag to carry items in.

Starter Pokémon:
Snorunt♀ (Timid Nature)
Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team

Roleplay Sample: It’s been awhile, and we’re heading back to 2009 for Dark Pokemon Energy/Road to the Pokémon League
…And the center of the ball turned white

“We did it Hypnotic! And on the first try! Well, I mean, we are US, so no surprise anyways!” Jake said as sarcastically as possible to Hypnotic.

“Poli Poli Poli!” Hypnotic cried happily as it started to dance around.

“Alright, let’s bring out the little fellow, come on out Nidoran!”

Nidoran appeared in the shining white light. It instantly threw out a little yawn, and then happily jumped onto Hypnotic’s head while it was dancing. Hypnotic didn’t seem to mind though.

That’s just…odd. I mean whatever works I guess. Anyways, I need to give my Nidoran a nickname I guess. Let’s see…

“Alright, how about the name Vicious?” Jake asked Nidoran.

“…Nido…” clearly Nidoran didn’t like it. Hypnotic went as far as to use a Bubble attack
on Jake. That didn’t go over so well.

“How about Tactical, based on the way you acted during that battle?”

“Nido Nido!” Nidoran said happily.

Tactical it is! Now, I need to get some training in on these. Should I go after a wild Pokémon, or should I try to find a trainer to battle? Meh, whatever I see first is what I'm going to with with I suppose.

Jake took the egg Dr. Marley gave him out of his bag, and took a look at it. It started to turn a lighter brown color. Jake was feeling confident that it meant that it was developing, but he didn’t want to take any chances. He wrapped his arms around the egg, and wouldn’t let go of it for dear life. Hypnotic and Tactical walked side-by-side with him, Tactical on top of Hypnotic’s head. As Jake approached another patch a grass, he saw another person looking around. He knew it was time for a battle!

“Hey kid,” Jake started. “How about a battle?”

“Umm, I’m not sure. I need to train, but I don’t know if I want to fight a real person right now.” The kid answered. “Umm, okay, I suppose we can battle, although I’ll bet you’ll win. I only have two Pokémon however. It appears you do too. How about a double battle?” He finished.

“I guess so, sounds good to me!” Jake said with excitement. “By the way, what’s your name? My name is Jake. Let’s not be squares here, a little acquaintance would be nice.”

“My name is Tim, and it is nice to meet you!” Tim said as he makes a new acquaintance. “Alright, I’ll bring out my Squirtle and my Pidgey!”

“And as you can see, I’ll use Hypnotic the Poliwag and Tactical the Nidoran!”

Tim’s Pokémon appeared out of the shining white light, while Jake’s Pokémon just walked forward. Tactical jumped off of Hypnotic’s head. Hypnotic started to do a little happy dance, while Tactical stared off into space.

“I’m going to need you two to focus here!” Jake ordered out.

“Poli!” “Nido!” The two of them said in unison.

Tim’s Pidgey and Squirtle looked like they were in total focus: They held a simple battle stance, and were staring down Hypnotic and Tactical.

They seem to have been trained well, I’ll have to be at my best here, as will my Pokémon!

Jake started to get a little nervous, as it was his first battle. He clenched his egg even tighter, losing the feeling in his knuckles, as he transferred a lot of his body heat to the egg. At least it would get something good out of this battle, no matter the outcome.

“Alright, I’ll start this off!” Jake said. “Hypnotic, use your Water Gun on Pidgey! Use Horn Attack on Squirtle Tactical!”

“Squirtle, counter that Horn Attack with a Tackle! Use Gust Pidgey!” Tim ordered.

Hypnotic shot out a large stream of water at the Pidgey, and Tactical charged in. Squirtle had a lot of force, and the two collided head on…literally. They both flew backwards and landed on the ground hard. The Pidgey’s Gust absorbed the Water Gun, although at little bit made it through, leaving but a little dent on Pidgey.

Grr, apparently long-range attacks won’t give me much of an advantage here, Pidgey will just knock them away with Gust. I need to get in close to lay down some hurt.

“Pidgey, use Quick Attack on the Poliwag! Squirtle, charge in for another Tackle attack!” Tim ordered out swiftly.

Pidgey moved at what seemed to be at mach-two speeds, while the Squirtle ran rather slowly at Tactical, although there was definite power.

“Tactical, just wait for my orders, Hypnotic, try to dodge!”

It was too late for Hypnotic, however. The Pidgey was just too fast and hit it dead on, leaving a lot of damage. Hypnotic wasn’t ready to give up yet. Squirtle finally got in close to Tactical.

“Now, Poison Sting it!!”

“Dodge Squirtle!”

It was too late for Squirtle though. It was in too close of range for it the Poison Sting to be dodged. Tactical rained down purple spikes directly on top of Squirtle. It took heavy damage this time, but the force from the shot whipped it around, and Squirtle’s tail hit Nidoran, knocking it back a little. From looking at Squirtle, you could see that there was residual damage being done to it: Poison.

This is really turning out in my favor! Then again, I AM awesome!

“Squirtle, come here, here’s an Antidote for you!” Tim said happily.

The Poison infliction was completely erased. Although the direct damage caused from the Poison Sting did a lot of damage, nothing else was gained from it.

Someone’s prepared…nerd.

“Hypnotic, charge in at that Pidgey and use Doubleslap! Tactical, use a Scratch attack on Pidgey as well!”

The two of them double-teamed Pidgey flawlessly. After every slap, Tactical jabbed his horn into Pidgey as well, it flew backwards and hit a tree. Squirtle wouldn’t allow this to continue however. Without any orders, it can behind the two of them and hit them both with a fierce Water Gun attack! Hypnotic and Tactical flew directly at Jake, but hit the ground in front of him.

“Get up you two, one shot can’t take you down!” Jake yelled.

Hypnotic stood right back up: A water-type attack wouldn’t be something to hit it for a lot of damage. Tactical, on the other hand, struggled to stand back up.

“You too Pidgey, get up!”

Pidgey tried to flap his wings to get back into the air, but he couldn’t. He remained stationary on the ground, and couldn’t use the sky for evasion any longer.

Alright. We both have one Pokémon hurt pretty badly, and one close to peak condition, although Hypnotic is definitely in better shape than his Squirtle. I need to get rid of that Pidgey first, and hopefully make this a two-on-one battle.

“Use Poison Sting on Pidgey Tactical! Use Bubble on both of them Hypnotic!” Jake ordered.

The purple spikes flew directly at Pidgey, who could barely move any more. The Bubble attack came at both Squirtle and Pidgey. Squirtle jumped directly in front of Pidgey, and took both of the blows together!

“Squirtle, No!!!” Tim cried out, his eyes filled with tears.

Squirtle fell to the ground, and tried to stand back up. Pidgey used his beak to pull him up, and to continue the battle. Pidgey stood there in a struggle, and lit up in a white light!

What the heck is going on here!!!!

“Can it…be? Yes! Pidgey is evolving!” Tim cried out happily.

Oh…crap. This is NOT what I needed to happen.

Pidgey grew two fold! He gained a red feather on top of its head, although his energy didn’t’ appear to be very rejuvenated.

“Not the most helpful evolution, but an evolution is an evolution!” Tim said happily.

“Water Gun and Poison Sting, one more time!” Jake ordered out.

“Gust Pidgeotto! Let’s go!”

The Gust attack knocked away the Water Gun and the Poison Sting. It might not have gotten any of his health back, but it certainly gained a heck of a lot of strength!

This…is really bad. I guess I only have one option now!

“Charge on in together! Use Doubleslap and Horn Attack!”

Tactical hopped onto Hypnotic’s head, and they charged in together for a power attack! Tim had no idea how to respond to this. Squirtle and Pidgeotto were knocked down to the ground in a matter of seconds, and neither could get up.

“Well, I guess I should have used some wild Pokémon first…I…guess” Tim said while trying to remain calm, but tears filled his eyes.

“It is just one battle Tim, don’t get too upset about it. We’ll meet again someday, and I can guess you’ll beat me,” Jake said sincerely.

Beat me? Hah! Whatever makes Tim feel better though…

“Really!” Tim said as he perked up. “Yeah, you’re right! I’ll see you again and kick your butt!!”

“Umm…sure, whatever works.” Jake said sarcastically.

Tim returned his Pokémon, and ran off into the distance.

Jake turned to Hypnotic and Tactical and said, “You two work great together, which doesn’t surprise me much. I mean you two are obviously great friends, just like the ones I have.”

“Poli!” “Ran!!”

After returning his two Pokémon to their Pokéballs, Jake looked down at the egg he was holding onto for the past fifteen minutes.

I wonder what you will be…
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