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Thursday someone ran over our speaker so we couldn't take DT orders at the speaker. They had to pull to the window and order. The person who hit it just ran, which really sucks for them. They're on camera and it's a felony and we are pressing charges. They'll have to pay for it, and if they're a student they'll lose all their federal aide because they'll be charged with a felony.

Friday some guy started stripping in the dining room and he got arrested. 8 police cars and 2 ambulances.

Saturday was relatively normal.

Sunday we had 4 call offs. Not really call offs, but they said "Hey my car broke down I'll be late!" and then ignored all our calls afterwards. JUST SAY YOU CAN'T COME IN. Now they're all getting put on their final notice and if they get in any trouble again they'll be fired.

Monday was free churro day. Everyone could get a free one. Keep in mind that it takes about two minutes to make one. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to die.

This week sucks.

Originally Posted by EvilSkittles View Post
Luckily no college but there is a massive school district, especially the high school. My schedule is set up so that I'm free during the day when the others won't be, still hasn't worked yet.
During the day will probably be the least likely available position. They're slower during the daytime and busier at night and there are probably parents who have kids who go to school nearby and work there for convenience during the day.