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Quote originally posted by machomuu:
Regarding Fakemon:
They really depend on the story and basis of the hack.
Quote originally posted by Pink Parka Girl:
And the most important[/B]: How this plot reveals itself throughout the course of the game. We don't want cutscenes constantly overwhelming the flow of the game and derailing gameplay; but nor do we want the plot to be so tepid that it hardly shows itself at all. This is a game first and foremost; not an interactive novel. If elected to this position I would consult with others to help develop a reasonable "plan" for the story arc - its buildup, conflicts, climax, and resolution from the start of the game to the end; utilizing lessons and criticism I've learned/received while developing Super Rising Thunder.
Wow, " 'mon" is a totally rad short form that I'm gonna use from now on.

Most important of all:
People agree with what I said! I'm not alone in my seemingly un-understandable thought process! :D

Quote originally posted by 11bayerf1:
Hi everyone, might be a bit late to hop on the band wagon, I just saw it now!
Position (multiple if necessary): Head of Graphics
First good sir, let me tell you that your hack looks like fun! I like the rocket thing and being a spriter has helped you make it look more "believable" in comparison to some of the other rocket hacks.
As for the sprites themselves, they're very inconsistent. It's clear that some of them are old and some of them are new. By that I mean some of the sprites look well done, and others look a little rushed or somewhat "awkward". I know I'm not a good spriter and I have no clue about different shading techniques, but I'm trying to help :P

Anyways, I'm glad to see some more people posting around and applying. Things will get interesting :)

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