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@Gym Leader Rozu: Welcome! Would you like to join this club, and if so, can you fill out the rest of the form?
Answer a discussion topic:

@Urugamosu: Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. :3 What's a koala sheep? Hmm... It sounds fluffy and poofy and adorable!

Do you think the Equalist movement will continue and strengthen or will be forgotten?
@gunnerpow7: That's true about the leader of the Equalists. A new leader will have to rise to carry forward the group. I don't think the group will every reach its peak level of influence without Amon. :( The tension may exist between select individuals... I'd like to see the tension appear, but as a less important element to the plot. C'mon, Spirits!:)

There is a new character in Book 2. Alyson Stoner will be voicing Opal. Source.

There's also this, I can't wait for news!