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Alrighty, Fenne-Kun (Or whatever your real name is >3>;), I've already given you my general feedback on FB, lol, but now I shall say something again! Since now I'm kind of comparing the themes.

Out of them all, I think City of Tranquility is probably my favorite (and you haven't even posted it here yet, lol), followed by City of Souls. I'm not the greatest critic at the moment, so I'll leave it at that, lol. Love them all, of course! xD

@Jake - Pretty good! But I must say, with a few parts of it, your voice sounds a bit . . . nasally. Other than that, it's good. You're certainly a better singer than I, lol. (Plus, I'm a Bass and I . . . can't really sing anything, to put it bluntly, lol. xD)
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