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Quote originally posted by CoolKnightST:
It's just clear they are planning an ruby/sapphire remake afther this with maybe acces back to kanto/johto. They nowtest that there remake games where mostly more popular than there new regions. You probaly would agrea that FR/LG and HG/SS where one of the best games out there. They also attempt this with black and white but that seem to fail an bit in my opinion.
n FR/LG weren't overly popular and from the general fanbase, at the time people preferred R/S/E, iirc. HG/SS were popular, yes, but so was B/W and B2/W2, with the former getting a 30/30 rating (iirc??) and having made over a certain amount of sales in a short time. I can't remember much about it but it was popular. Nevertheless, people would still appreciate extra regions in these games and for them to do it in R/S remakes, too. :3

Quote originally posted by HyperXhydra:
There could be a connection between the new region and Unova if they introduce the Original Dragon.
Yeah but the only issue is that they're both sooo far away from each other :(
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