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Oh! See that helps a lot haha. I thought you were searching for seeds already.

I myself haven't done parameters on PPRNG yet, so I can't really help much. It's been a long time since I've done them as well. Okay, now that I know it's parameters though, I know what you're talking about with IV range. When you catch that random wild Pokemon, you have to use an IV calculator to figure up its IVs and that's what goes in the IV range thing.

Say I caught a Boldore and used the IV calculator and it came up 1-5 IVs in HP, 24-30 for attack, etc, you put in that range in that IV range area. So I'd put 1 as min and 5 as max in the HP slot, and so on and so forth. That make sense? I have PPRNG open so I can look at it and help more if need be. :)

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