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Alice Crenshaw

Alice gulped down. She couldn't avoid it for much longer, sooner or later she would have to battle giving it the best she had even against her will. She didn't like battles, but it had to be done for her (and her Pokémon)'s sake. She called Jello forward, and shivered as she thought of what to say. She had the first move, and she had to choose it wisely.

Okay, so Pidgeotto is a bird Pokémon, so which of Jello's moves could be more effective against it? Psywave? No... Wait! That's it!

"Jello, Rollout!" she commanded.

Rollout wasn't a very accurate move. But if Alice was lucky on the first turn, it could del quite some damaged to Whitney's Pokémon. And if her luck kept going straight uphill, then she would have victory on her hands. But it would take a whole lotta luck to get that done that way.

Jello was slightly intimidated by the bird, but as soon as Alice yelled out her command, it closed his eyes and charged at Pidgeotto with a high angular speed.
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