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"Ok... my name is Omega I don't know why it just is but that's not important, So has no one ever told you the story?" I asked this fellow named Ryan. His reaction told me he hadn't. So I told him the story "A Long time ago, The Flower Paradise was a harsh wasteland filled with toxic fumes and lava. No pokemon could live here not even legendaries like Moltres." I went on he seemed confused on how so much had changed. "Then a Trainer called Orion found this area and to his shock saw nothing could surive. Soon after his pokemon began getting Poisoned or Burnt from an unknown cause. The trainer pleaded to the legendary pokemon to help them as not even Heal Powder could make them recover." Shadow still seemed confused about how this related to Shaymin, I went on. "Legends tell that Palkia took pity on the ravaged land and couldn't have his Space be unlivable, so Palkia created one Gracidea. Orion watched that Gracidea grow into a Gracidea bush and used those flowers to revive his pokemon. The soon after the bush started shaking and a Shaymin fell out. This Shaymin was alone and cold, and like Palkia, Orion took pity on Shaymin and kept it warm. This instantly turned the entire field into a paradise where water was fresh. Flowers and trees could grow a pokemon could thrive. Orion decided to live in Flower Paradise with Shaymin and his burial is located on the north Pinnacle today." Shadow seemed to now understand what I meant by Shaymin's significance in the area.

I brought Shadow to Orion's Grave and I showed Shadow a letter made by Orion.

Dear whoever may come to read this

My name is Orion, in Flower Paradise you may have encountered Shaymin, a rare and wonderous pokemon. Unfortunately there is one Shaymin who can not leave this place, the Orion Shaymin. You can tell this Shaymin from others as it transforms into Sky Forme Shaymin when exposed to a Fully-grown Gracidea. Whoever may read this must know this Shaymin must stay in Flower Paradise no matter what.

Do not question this order or when winter strikes Sinnoh, a disease will be released and Sinnoh will be plunged into chaos, if this happens resort to summoning Dialga and Palkia, the two legendary Time-Space Pokemon, they are the only hope if shaymin is lost from Flower Paradise. Whatever happens make sure to follow these rules.

1) Never let Shaymin leave Flower Paradise during winter or they will die
2) Do not let Giratina touch Shaymin, Giratina's reverse powers infect Shaymin with anti-photosynthesis
3) Do not let Shaymin fall into any of my borther's or descendants hands, my brothers may symbolise what appears to be hope but it is a lie. Alpha - The eldest of us four, he and his descendants always wear a White and Black clothing with a "P" on it, Beta & Delta - The twins, These two were born at the same time, they hate each other and will destroy everything to gain power. Beta and his descendants wear Red clothing with a Black "M", Delta and his descendants wear Blue with a White "A".

Thank you for protecting Sinnoh, yours Sincerely Orion.

It began to get dark so Shadow and I decided to camp out under the stars (and Deoxys). I let my Pokemon out; Mandibuzz, Braviary, Mamoswine, Magmortar, Electivire and Houndoom. They soon relaxed and comforted Shadow's team. We all eventually drifted off after that.

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