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Quote originally posted by KriegStein:
Aah paris catacombes. Would be awesome. Although I always wonder where Nintendo puts the line. You know...whats too scary/disturbing for kids. What could make the francise get a higher pegi rating. I think that catacombes could fit. But Im not all that sure. You know a place made of human/pokemon bones may unsettle someone. (I think it would be awesome.) Also I was thinking about an asylum I mean an mental institute. And im not talking about the new ones. Im talking about the medieval types. You know weird machines and devices. Gothic scenery and hallways filled with allthings nasty. :D Although that would propably push the line too much. A ghost town would also be plausible. An outside area filled with ghost (atleast at night) would be awesome. As for zombie pokemon I hope they would make some. :D
A mental institute would be kind of not suited for a Pokemon game imo. Maybe a subliminal one, like an old scientists' lab but that's probably all there will be along those lines lmao.
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