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I'd like to see an ability like Intimidate in which Special Attack could be lowered instead of attack~! Just to check those special attackers and whatnot. Buuuuut, going into creative mode, this would be more or less idea, though call some overpowered if you will:
  • Rain Gun - Boosts special attack by 1.5x in rainy weather conditions(given how there's a similar ability for some Pokemon in sandstorm, I think having one for rain would be suitable as well, and probably sun, too!)
  • Black Belt - Boosts attack by 1.5x when hit by a fighting-type move
  • Rapid Shooter - Boosts power of moves that hit more than once(i.e, rock blast, doubleslap, those kinds of moves. Not sure if there's an ability like this, though).

...Actually, I think these are more or less useless. u__u I wish I could come up with something better, but I really couldn't think of anything that's already covered. I'd like something like No Guts that could probably raise accuracy to 100%, but be made available for more types of Pokemon, I suppose, it would be more interesting and fun that way.

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