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Quote originally posted by Greiger:
Pokemon and fantasy!? Together!? Count me in! I would die to have an idea like that happen!
Did my post just get overlooked or something, again? ._.;

Jebus, people just don't like me, lol.

< Click for le overlooked post, if you'd please~ >

Also, I'm still expanding on many parts. Today I decided to come up with the basic forms of magycks. (<- I've been spelling it like that today for some reason, lol)
  • Red Magyck - Offensive magic, such as terramancy, aeromancy, pyromancy, hydromancy and cryomancy.
  • White Magyck - Defensive spells, healing spells and spells relating to the natural world, such as botanomancy.
  • Dark Magyck - Magycks that are typically considered to be "evil". It is outlawed, but so are all forms of magyck. This includes Necromancy, and although such arts are frowned upon by some Casters, they are not forbidden like in other stories.

There is also alchemy, although that is a science and has not been outlawed alongside the rest of the arcane arts.
There is, of course, more to come. There are hundreds of subdivisions of magyck, and I won't go into even a fraction of them, but all of them will be available to use, unless I deem the magyck to be overpowered. There are also hundreds of titles for Casters, which I have to look into in order to make a detailed list, lol.


Edit: Oh, right.
@Xlugon Pyro - I'm not much for the Naruto RP - not that it would be bad or anything - but I am, as is evidenced by my post, all for the Pokemon x Fantasy types of roleplays, lol. I won't be joining any others anytime soon, though. d: