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Milly Kaiko

Chewing slowly, Millicent Kaiko leaned back in her chair as she eyed the map of the academy which now lay, spread across the table in front of her. The small room which her lessons would be held in had been marked in bright yellow high lighter, making it difficult to miss. The room wasn’t too far from caefitera and was pretty close to the sports field too which was always a good thing.

Plus today they were only in lessons till the afternoon, which meant the rest of the day was free to do as she pleased and seeming as that had worked out pretty well the day before Kaiko wasn’t planning on complaining.

Shoving the remaining pieces of her bacon butty into her mouth and causing her cheeks to bugle awkwardly, she pulled out her phone from her pocket and checked the time. 8am flashed up at her from the small screen as she studied it’s display before nodding. Locking the phone and popping it back into her bag.

Only half an hour till class. she thought, glancing around the mess hall briefly before standing up and swinging her bag over her shoulder once more. “Away we go then” she sighed, pushing her chair back into place with the back of her foot as she turned to walk to class. After all she didn’t want to be late for the first class of the year.

Trudging out of the cafeteria the girl wandered down the path she had marked on her map, eyes fixed to her shoes as she moved on. She was aware of other students around her busying themselves with their own lives but didn’t bother to look up from the ground until she got to her building.

After 5 minutes spent searching for the correct room, getting briefly lost down the wrong corridor, Milly at last found herself walking through the right door way. Shoving the map she had been holding, into a side pocket on her backpack, she strolled in, pausing for a few seconds in the door way to take in her classroom and selecting her chair.
There were only two people in the classroom so far. The first she noticed was a rather young looking girl with bright white hair and beautiful dark skin, whom was sat at the front of the classroom. Spectacle covered eyes focused on the pristine pages of book. The second was Sorae, whom was sat near one of the windows and seemed to be in a world of his own.

Flashing a small grin, the petit girl picked her way across the classroom before dumping her bag down on top of her desk with a loud thud. She had chosen the first row desk, next to the window. One up from the day dreaming Yasha. However, Milly didn’t linger by her desk for long. Waving to Sorae, though she didn’t stop to see if he had seen her gesture or not, she then turned back towards the white haired girl whom was engrossed in a world of ink printed words.

“Hey” Milly smiled, skipping one desk over to the neighbouring unit next the white haired figure, and perching on it’s solid top . “The name’s Milly.” She offered with another smile before thrusting forward a welcoming hand. “What are you reading? Mind if I have a nose? I love books!”

Mentally at this moment in time, Milly felt a surge of proudness flash through her. She almost always failed to be sociable in the morning, as after all, the morning is evil. A smile from Milly in the morning was as difficult as getting blood from a stone, but so far, she had broken her current record of two smiles already.

The decision to the greet the white haired girl had been a spur of the moment thing, as after all she reasoned, she was going to be in the academy for a while so there was no harm getting to know all her class mates or at least more than one. If Sorae wanted to talk, he could join. But Milly wasn’t exactly sure if her entrance had pulled him out of his own thoughts or not.

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