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For me the one gym I struggled the most was with Iris in White. I had no high level dragons or any Pokemon with ice attacks. Even my high leveled Dewott (at 58) couldn't win. I lost 5 times. One of the hardest gym I had to face, all my Pokemon where getting knocked out in one hit, before I could even attack them. Then I realized that Dewott could learn Blizzard via HM. (I have to update my trainer card, I haven't done so in so long, I have all 8 badges now, majority of my team hasn't changed, Servine did evolve to Serperior)

My other hard gym was in Black 2, with Roxie, kept loosing fast with all my Pokemon getting poisoned. Back then I didn't have strong Pokemon either, no fire types. Didn't trade Pansear after the gym battle in Castelia City.
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