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Yorick Amherst Lee
A beast of fur and muscle bounded through the sea of trees, untouched but not unchanged over all the creature’s living days. This was his home, his life, and all he’d ever known. It was paradise. A mighty stag with great wide antlers was felled beneath his fearsome claws. He feasted on the carcass with glee, feeling it’s vitality flow into him. Such was the way of the world, life serving to bring about more life. He climbed a tree, nimbly hopping from branch to branch until he stood atop the bark tower. He looked over at the horizon, the sky a blend of orange and the color of lilacs. This was his favorite spot, here on the tallest tree. He stood there and watched the sun set for a little while longer, filled with a sense of wonder. “I wish life would stay like this forever.”

"Good morning students from 3C! Rise and shine and get ready for class!"

Yorick leapt from his bed at the sound of the woman’s voice. The Boreal forest of his youth he was just in had been a dream, and this was where he truly was. No longer did he live in that blissful hunting ground, he was a student at Youkai Academy. Class 3C room 13 to be exact, a room that was home to a man of the name Higoroshi-sensei. Wait, no, that was wrong. He remembered studying this yesterday. The man’s name was only Higoroshi, and sensei was his title as teacher. Also, the room was not the home of the teacher, but would serve as the home of him and his classmates. But the dorms were his home, were they not? He groaned as he struggled to figure out why exactly the homerooms were called homerooms. The woman continued speaking before he was snapped back into reality.

“Class ends at 12.30 pm today, make sure to make this day another useful one! Oh! and class starts at 8.30 am!”

An intruder!

Yorick searched the room for wherever this stranger was hiding, but neither found nor smelled anyone. He soon realized the sound came from above him. But how? He considered tearing his ceiling open, but decided against it considering destruction of school property was against the rules. With no immediate options, he took a moment to calm down and think. In the end, he decided to start with the first problem, how was she in the ceiling? He decided he would ask a fellow student, who probably knew more than him. He opened his door and approached one of the students who was wandering around the hall.

“Boy,” he called. He remembered the first rule of talking to somebody new. “I am Yorick Amherst Lee, and there is a woman speaking to me from my ceiling. Can you please tell me how she got there?”

The boy turned to him with an eyebrow raised. “Dude, it’s just the P.A., calm down.” He had told him his name, why then had he called him ‘dude’? He ignored this for now, as there were more pressing things for him to worry about.

“What is this, ‘P.A.’,” Yorick asked. The boy stared at him blankly.

“Are you feeling alright, man? You should go to the cafeteria and have some grub, maybe that’ll help straighten your head.” With that, the boy turned and left. He thanked the boy for his advice and returned to his room to change. Perhaps this grub was the answer to this problem, but his head felt perfectly straight already. Even if the grub solved nothing, the cafeteria would definitely have more people to ask about this. Before he left, he heard the P.A., now with Higoroshi-sensei’s voice, telling him to bring a pencil for class. Grateful to the P.A. for reminding him, he left on his way to the cafeteria to figure this out.

Yorick thought spending yesterday exploring the entire school and studying about it was a good idea as he made it to the cafeteria in only around five minutes. In it he saw the most people he had ever seen besides the entrance assembly, and wondered how he would decide who to approach. He went over to the food servers and gave his request. “I am Yorick Amherst Lee, and I want some grub.” The serving woman eyed him strangely for a moment before handing him a tray with food on it that he recognized as pancakes and sausage among other things. He wondered what difference there was about this food that made it grub. It sure didn’t look like a grub, but he had learned that sometimes things were not what they seemed. Maybe grub was code for something. His head was beginning to ache. Maybe it did need some straightening after all. He decided he would eat, then ask somebody his questions.

He looked around for a place to sit for a little before spotting an argument between a couple of students. One boy was particularly aggressive, and clearly upset. Yorick assumed he was asserting his dominance by the looks of it, and decided it would be best to stay out of it. Nearby, however was another student with white hair who stayed out of it as well. Through this, Yorick thought him a sensible person and decided he would ask him about his troubles. Sitting down next to him, he turned and introduced himself. “I am Yorick Amherst Lee, and I need your help. What is P.A. and why is this food ‘grub’? Also is my head on straight?”
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