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Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
I hope there are lots of routes and cities, Unova wasn't as good as Hoenn as Unova had very few towns, cities and routes. They were bigger, but...
They were sort of dull and forgettable, right?

Unova was just so straight foward and it lacked the variety to make it a really interesting region altogether. Each town and city didn't seem all that different to me, with the exception of Castelia City. They all just seemed to blend.

You mention Hoenn, which I think is one of the most diversified regions. I loved the different cities and towns like Fortree, Sootopolis, and Pacifidlog. Sure, there was a lot of water routes, but the variety in the locations made up for that in my opinion. This is something I hope we get to see again in the X and Y region. Not towns that look too bland or one big city that got too much attention, but a region that is filled with culture, color, and variety. Plus, a lot of different routes to take us to each of these areas. It's supposedly set in France, but there are a lot of other European countries and cultures they can pull ideas from if they really wanted to.

That's what I'm hoping for.