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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
Maybe some rare Pokémon from Unova like Zorua might actually get a habitat, but probably make the chances pretty low. But as for some Pokémon like Eevee probably would only be obtainable as an Egg from someone, 'cause it's always nice to be able to choose what you'd like Eevee to evolve into, rather than having several of them and evolving them into each and every one of it's evolutions, perhaps the Egg obtained would be given to you in order to proceed with the story.
I disagree with that. I liked being able to catch multiple Eevee and evolve them all. Just finished that task today in fact, except for Leafeon and Glaceon (both rocks for those are in inaccessible areas ATM). I am purposely getting all Pokémon I can before doing the E4; I'm ready to trade those two Eeveelutions in temporarily if need be, and imported some babies in species that are otherwise found post-E4 (Tympole, for instance). I have opted not to import Durant and Heatmor yet since they're in Twist Mountain later, plus I need something to find post-E4 (Cryogonal I might bring in however).


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