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Originally Posted by SchokoInc View Post
Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh no :D

I meant move tutors not the move relearner :D

Move tutors are for example the two guys after Mt. Moon who teach Mega Punch and Mega Kick to your Pokémon or the guy who teaches Softboiled :D

And I'm pretty sure it isn't type based as not all normal typed pokémon can learn softboiled

Especially as I want that for example fire punch can be learned by every pokémon who has the physical ability to use it (Machamp or Electabuzz for example)
Just looking at it, it isn't based in egg moves, move pools, or tm/hm learnability. I'm going to look at the scripts, I wonder if there is more to this....

Edit: Nevermind, I'm stupid:p. All move tutor moves are TM's, so just change the move that the move tutor gives and the TM which contains it.

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