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I don't think it'd work that well unless it was an actual... competition, given you can just flirt with random people in general.

Years ago on another forum I hosted a romance competition.
Romance Competition

This is a competition that judges the affection and compatibility of the couples entered. It will be based on five rounds of which each half must compete in. Signups are from days 1-2 of the party, and the rounds are from days 3-6. On the final day, the judging shall commence and be completed, the results covering a range of points shall be released then.

The couples competing are as follows:

[Signups underway]

The rules that you must abide by:

• No cybering in public.
• Don’t be “offensive”.

That’s basically all. Oh, and abide by all BF rules too.

Round one

Your partner and you have to compliment each other as much as possible, this can be in any form… etc, compliment any way possible, post that you care for them. Whatever is fine by us as long as it is within our rules.

Round two

We ask one half a question, and you have to guess what their answer would’ve been. Simple really.

Round three

Describe your perfect holiday with your partner.

Round four

Create a graphic as a team (idea taken from Shayla’s teamwork FC), this graphic shall be decided by us, BUT, the catch is, you each don't contact each other about this during this round... try and make your graphics look similar, whichever looks most alike will win this round. And, this is also judged.


• Kenji
• Nica

Third judge... still being decided.

The judges shall be judging on various things. These are…

1. How long the judges think the couples will be together for.
2. How their names sound together (whether or not they’re smexy together)
3. How the couples rate out of ten.
4. Whether they’re a team or not.

Well, sign up and have fun~!
Oh, and if you’re late, you’ll have to do double rounds on the next day. During the sign up days, you MAY complete all your rounds, if you're not going to be around while the rounds are on.
ofc less noobish sounding than that but an actual competition could prove to be more fun than just randomly flirting with people etc (also if hstaff don't wanna host, some of us mods can~~).
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