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Quote originally posted by gangos12:
hey this beta is awesome thougth there are two bugs i found:
1-you cant enter green his house
2- if you go down stairs before chossing your starter the game freeze
P.D.:sorry for my bad english
Thank you for the compliment. As for the bugs.
  1. Green's House, as well as a large majority of NPC houses, are all inaccessable. There is no interiors currently, and those will be done for the next version.
  2. Ah yes, I forgot to reenable that after I disabled it a while back to check something. I will go and reenable that right now, it'll be fixed in the next release. Thank you for pointing it out!

Quote originally posted by Logiedan:
Good luck on the game. I hope to see this thread get more activity and popularity soon. I loved Touhoumon hacks a long time ago, and it was probably one of the first times I've experienced 'custom' pokemon or 'fakemon.'
Haha, I dunno, if the thread becomes more active and popular, I may have a harder time keeping up with it! Touhoumon was one of the few Fakemon hacks I could say I enjoyed, mostly because of the dyanmic, and how there seemed to be a small community behind it, various hacks that were (almost) all different. Not to mention that Touhou is one of my favorite series.

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