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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Adding to our lengthy thread is this sad story of a 3 year old boy who died after playing with a pink gun he thought was a toy. The pink gun (presumably it's color is why it was mistaken for a toy) accidentally discharged while the boy and his sister were playing with it. The parents were not home and apparently grandparents were in the next room. People said they would prefer people kept their guns in lock boxes, or "at least have them out of the reach of children."

Inevitably responses from the internet about this have been heated. Some say it proves that assault weapons bans would not do anything to stop things like this. Others rightly point out that assault weapons bans are intended to stop mass shootings and that the US is a crazy, crazy place for not having laws about how you store your guns.
Or, even better - Stop making the guns look like toys. By this I mean stop painting them in bright, attractive, colors.

Anyway, personalized guns would solve a lot of issues. Basically, a personalized gun is a gun that will only fire for it's owner. Biometrics are cheap and reliable enough for them to be fitted to most guns, and locking the use of the gun to its owner would prevent a lot of cases like this.

Really, this solves more then this - It puts in place a way to prevent those guns from falling into criminals hands. Given that people will resale guns, gun manufactures would have to have systems in place to reset the security features on the guns. They would use this system to track ownership of that gun. With this, if a gun is used in a crime and recovered then the police would easily know the person who used it, and if applicable, the person who sold it to the criminal. And really, given that it's a crime for a person to, knowingly or unknowingly, purchase stolen items it really should be a crime for a person to, knowingly or unknowingly, sell a gun to a person who intends to use it for crime.

The technologies for personalized guns are in existance - fingerprint scanners and voice recognition are the basics although more sophisticated systems could be used.
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