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Lurker? No can do! Join and get active! Welcome to PC, good to meet you~ and nah, I admit that your title catches my eye throughout all the simpler titles we have around here. It may not be the first time I've seen one with a similar format but it's definitely still an interesting title nonetheless. (...and my introduction thread title was "New", oh how clever I was xD;)

Haha, well to each their own so no problem if you'd rather lurk for the most part, but hopefully the forum entices you after a while and you become active. <3 That's how it was with me; I really didn't expect to be active or anything but it just happened. If you're into the game-making side of things, we have Emulation and Game Development around solely for folks who are interested in those, as our regulars have said already! Emulation's more for the ROM hacking side while Game Development is for games created with specific programs like RPG Maker, Game Maker, etc. Both have plenty of cool resources to use that you'll likely find helpful if you plan on making your own game.

But even outside game-making I'm sure there are plenty of things to interest you here. The forum is pretty big, after all! Give it a chance and you'll be surprised with the results. :D Hope you've enjoyed everything here so far and looks like you've met quite a few of our members already, too! Keep at it and see you around.
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