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All time favorite teachers:

Mrs. Massoudi
I think she was a persian woman. Funny accent. Not many liked her, but I was very fond of her. She was around 50-60 years old, but she had such a nerdy sense of humor and made corny science jokes and I loved them. She was a great teacher too. I think she had too much patience with the kids in our class, I feel bad for that, because kids always did stupid stuff in her class and she never really punished them too hard.

Mrs. Buck
Another science teacher. She was all out hilarious and made jokes out of almost everything. Tons of cool projects were done with her. She was into what the kids were into. Also she let us abbreviate words a lot. Less writing = less hurt wrist.

Mr. Hudec
He is my current science teacher. Very nice, very patient (too patient, again). He takes time explaining things and does a LOT of drawings to help us understand stuff. If a kid asks a question, he will find an object in the class that could help demonstrate that and use it to help explain. He is witty, too. If a kid gives him attitude, he'll find an amazing way to respond and I always feel slightly embarrassed for the kid who just got BUUURRNNNED. Haha.

Mr. Shibuya
He is a somewhat older asian man, and at first I did not like him because he was a little strict. A lot of the time he makes no sense, but all of his students understand him. Everyone else thinks he's nutso. He has a long fu-man-chu mustache and dyes his hair purple and blue. He wears ugly sweaters and strange ties, and strangely colored pants matched by two different color crocs to go along with it. He is all out hilarious, and goes at his own pace. He is an amazing geometry teacher.

Mr. Delphin
He was my algebra teacher. Very funny guy, loved using physical examples for new subjects. He let us make games and rollercoasters in class related to math and once or twice he let us try and throw beach balls at him. He was very nice, too.

Mrs. Tolan
My 7th grade history teacher. She was just a very sweet, fragile woman, honestly. Always thoroughly explained the events and helped people constantly. Always showed cute little videos and cartoons on history. Very fun teacher.

I have one more but I forgot her name.
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