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Cheryll Renee Moreau

Cheryll wasn't sure how much time had passed as she kept focused on her book in Youkai history having reached the section on Lamia. Though she was one she still had a lot to learn, especially since she wasn't confident in her abilities. As she turned the page though a voice interrupted her. “Hey” glancing toward the sound Cheryll spotted an older girl with pale skin and long brown hair sitting next to her. Before she could even begin to try to say something the girl continued speaking. “The name’s Milly.” The girl said with a smile extending her hand “What are you reading? Mind if I have a nose? I love books!”

Looking at Milly Cheryll felt her face flush in embarrassment. She had no idea what to do, and now that someone was closer to her the signs of the tears that had fallen earlier were obvious. "U-uhh...I-I'm C-Ch-Cheryll" she said shyly quickly looking back at her book.
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