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I've got a few teachers that are my favourites for both personality-wise but their teaching skills.

Ms. Sharma my current year 12 Chemistry teacher and I trust her advice and suggestions on how to study, what to study, exam techniques etc 100%. She used to be an analytical chemist for a university (which I can't remember at the moment), before she used to teach first year medical students. She's probably one of about two teachers I look up to a lot.

Mr. Hussey
He's my current Mathematical Methods teacher and was my year 10 teacher last year for maths as well. He's really down to earth and a clear-cut teacher. He'll tell you what needs to be done, how to do it and when certain things need to be done by and that's it. He's the other teacher I really look up to.

Miss. Kimpton
She was my year 9 English teacher and she was pretty clear cut too, but she also like to relax a little and share a joke or two with us which was always nice. There's nothing worse than a completely banal teacher.

Mr. Montero
I don't know why I still remember him haha. He was my year 7 and 8 Science teacher, who knew his stuff. He mainly specialised in Biology, but he also knew the basics of Physics and Chemistry as well.

Ms. Menon
She's probably my favourite teacher personality wise...because well she was seriously naive but in a funny way. She was far from stupid, but she didn't quite catch onto our jokes as well as other teachers. She was my year 8 and 9 maths teacher and she was a mathematical machine!

And yeah those are my favourite teachers. I've got a few I dislike too:

Miss Timotheou
Miss Angelopolus
Miss Tossios
Mr Skewes
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