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The Indigo Plateau
Do you have what it takes to be the pokemon master of the Kanto region?! Hey boys and girls, to the first installment of The Indigo Plateau hosted by yours truly, Miss Doronjo. The theme and goal for this tournament is to test you on how you deal with specific situations, as well as you adapting to any pokemon that you would gladly get your hands on, thus building your ultimate team to victory. Also, it's to test your knowledge of how you deal with these pokemon, during each battle with your opponents. Read on to learn more...

About this Tournament

1. Fill out the sign-up sheet if you want to join. Also, if you do want to join, you have three choices of a 'starter pokemon', that you can choose any of these three: Venusaur, Charizard, or Blastoise. It will be in your team. You can make any EVs, or movesets you want, but no items. At least not yet. Upon signing up, you will be given "6 pokeballs" as well.

2. This tournament will run for about 10 days. On each day, there will be a set pokemon for you to acquire, from a set number of 'pokeballs' you have. You can catch any number of pokemon you want, as long as you have pokeballs! But please PM me when you're capturing a pokemon. When you've decided on your pokemon(s), you can give them any moveset or EV you want, but again, except for items. Be sure to keep track of all your pokemon!

3. Each time you win a battle, you will be awarded 10 points. For each battle you lose, you will be awarded 5 points. In addition, for each battle you win, you will be awarded 500 prize money. For each battle you lose, you'll be given 250 prize money as a consolation prize.

4. As for your prize money, you can use them to buy hold items for your pokemon from a selection on each day. All hold items will be more and more available within each day. So, keep track of your prize money!

5. Be sure to keep track of your points as well! You see, on the final day, the top 4 people with the most points will duke it out on an elimination round robin, where the one left standing will be the winner of the tournament!

6. All standard clauses apply, except for species clause. You can have more than one of the same species of pokemon in this tournament!

7. Do not watch each other's battles. For fairness sake!

Sign-Up Form

PS Server Name:
Starter Pokemon: (Venusaur, Charizard, or Blastoise)

Good Luck, and Have Fun!

Trainer Participants

Jake♫ - Jakee - Points: 60 - Money: ¥1750
jellicentfan1 - fєnnєkín - Points: 70 - Money: ¥1500
Cid - Cider - Points: 80 - Money: ¥250
Wolflare - blubberchomp - Points: 70 - Money: ¥1500
LMFAO. Word up. - Adam. Word up. - Points: 95 - Money: ¥3000
ChocolateCrunch - Chocolate - Points: 115 - Money: ¥3500
BLOOOD-La-ti- - Lati~/Kirin/Transmission - Points: 25 - Money: ¥1250
Twihiki_Amias - Twihiki_Amias - Points: 0 - Money: ¥0
DaydreamsAway - SlateDNoah - Points: 0 - Money: ¥0
Lalapizzame - Team Bidoof/Julius Caesar/Scar - Points: 0 - Money: ¥0
Pave Low - Pave Low - Points: 20 - Money: ¥750
Fire Flyy - Fire Flyy - Points: 0 - Money: ¥0
Hyperbeem - Hyperbeem - Points: 115 - Money: ¥4250
Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red - Red-Pika - Points: 0 - Money: ¥0

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