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I'd like to pretty much echo everything Shivi has already said here. do I explain this, I don't think it will ever really stop playing the role of being that "IT" Pokemon of the games, whether it's there or not, and to be perfectly honest, I kind of do wish Pikachu would make more of a presence, since it's image as a Pokemon mascot for me is kinda slowly dwindling, but that's just me personally, maybe it's just because I haven't really seen it around as much, y'know? Not that I'd really want that to change too significantly or anything like that.

In short, it's fine as it is~! Pikachu still and will forever always be that centerpiece, even if it doesn't really show in certain games. I know it'll always have a place in my heart. ♥
they told me i could be alive

they told me id live 'til i die
well guess what, world
in my soul, my mind,
did i survive?

but i...

got on my feet
stand on this sand, this god-gracious land
and in my translucent state, trigger my jesus gland
and i tell myself
dead or alive
i protect my soul, my heart, my mind
my friends, my family, and my kind.
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