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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
On the more so-called "social" issues, yes. Germany and France - should be the model of healthcare for the rest of the world. All across Europe is so terrific public transit. And trains. And tunnels. Sweden or Switzerland (I'm sorry, I mix them up a lot) has a great public-private educational model.

But, economically. I think it would be pretty accurate to say they're in the hole right now. And some EU aspects aren't so hot
Economically, if they hadn't gone with all those austerity measures they probably wouldn't be so bad off, but that is beside the point.

From what I've read there are surprising differences between how Europe (really, western Europe) and North America (a.k.a. the US) look at the issue of gay marriage. Europe seems more than happy to have completely equal (from what I understand at least) civil unions or whatever term they use even if they're not up for gay marriage. We don't really have anything like that in America. You've either got the pro- same-sex marriage side or the anti- same-sex marriage side.

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