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Fenne-kun, you have the cutest Fennekin avatar yet. And that's saying something since I've seen a lot of them. <3; Welcome!

All of PC is pretty fun since there's just so much to do. Maybe you can try out our Pokemon Trivia and Other Trivia sections sometime since that's where members play games and they're wonderful places for someone looking to relax and just have fun. They're both pretty active and have some really interesting games, plus it's a cool way to make friends with the other section regulars~! Looks like you've already went way past the fifteen post mark so there are no issues there, yep. A big forum with lots of threads means it's that much easier to get your post count up. I'm sure you'll be in the hundreds before you know it. :3;

I just gave some of your soundtracks a listen and they sound so great. I really love the seaside theme. *_* You're very good at this and thanks so much for sharing! I don't see many remixers or music-makers period here, to be honest, so I suppose they're somewhat of a rare breed on PC (that or I'm blind - this is likely). How long would you say the average three-minute song takes you to make? I'm curious!

Have a great time here. <3
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