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I'll have a go at signing up, why not
Very interesting, even if I haven't played the 5th gen games. Hopefully that won't be too bad, I mean, I know quite a few of the Pokémon anyway...

Name: Turnip (Yes, Turnip. I'm serious.)

Allegiance: Survivor

Gender: Male, he assumes.

Age: Probably late teens / early twenties. He can't tell.

Appearance: He wears something like a hooded trench coat, brown, with like some kind of light armour underneath, with metal knee and elbow pads, boots and gloves. He wears an odd metal helmet, with a one-way visor. It can be pretty annoying, since it can't be taken off, but it has some helpful aspects. He carries various equipment with him, most of which he managed to wake up with - A knife on his left, a Desert Eagle on his right, and a strap on his back for just about anything he may have happened to pick up.

Species: Human. Again, an assumption.

Personality: Generally not really loving, Turnip will form friendships quite well, but may ask to kill someone every once in a while. Thankfully he asks, to which the usual answer is "No.". Despite this, and an obvious love of sarcasm, Turnip is actually really moral, and has a strong sense of logic - aside from the occasional mention of wanting to cheat at what is, to everyone else, real life... He is prone to changes in mood, but none of them are particularly violent.

History: Turnip has... pretty much no memory. It seems that Turnip has the momentary consciousness of a Pokémon player - leading to his use of game-like terminology and belief in organised game logic, and probably his high use of sarcasm, too. This also makes him a specifically organised Pokémon trainer, as he has a database-like knowledge of Pokémon and their abilities and stats, etc. - this meant it was really annoying when he found out that Pokémon training was outlawed. Never-the-less, he'd already caught Beldum/Metang, and frankly he didn't really agree with the whole thing. It was the Beldum's choice, anyway. Essentially, he's just starting life, but he already knows, uh, things.
The story behind Turnip's name is kind of simple, although it is co-incidentally how he met Beldum, who then grew into a Metang. Since he didn't really have a name - and any name he did have was forgotten - after awaking in a field of some sort, he was awoken by the question "Are you a turnip?"
His immediate answer was "Yes.", to which he then corrected himself. It was too late, though, and the name stuck - mainly due to him not having an alternate name anyway. He never really questioned what a Beldum was doing in a field - I guess they just got on with it, and the Beldum seemed happy enough with going along with the amnesiac.

RP Sample: Eh, I reckon I've written enough. If you want, I'll tell a joke instead!
Knock Knock!
Who's there?
I'm bad at jokes! Punchline!

Notes: So, uh, what's the significance of Cave Story backwards? :p Yeah, I read the thing.

Trainer Pokémon: Metang

Name: No nickname. Turnip was feeling uncreative at the time.

Gender: Genderless, but referred to as male.

Personality: Metang is very intelligent due to being a psychic type - and as such is very calculating and thoughtful. Telepathy helps a bunch, too. In truth, he is probably quite a bit more moral / generally nicer than Turnip, mostly in the sense that he doesn't want to kill anyone. Still, he deeply wishes to end Plasma's reign and return the World to the utopian society he had heard so much about.

Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Brick Break, Bullet Punch, Miracle Eye.

History: Beldum didn't really like being around the wild Pokémon. Well, strictly speaking, the new wild Pokémon. The field presented itself as a sort of "Safe Haven" for those who weren't feral - the ground generally having a lot of cover, and the earth being generally softer, soft enough for Beldum to bury himself if need be.
He hadn't been around for long, but he was already quite a knowledgeable and capable Beldum. He'd even managed to learn Zen Headbutt at quite an early age. Despite this knowledge, he still wanted to know more - and living in danger and hiding wasn't really too nice either - and so when he saw Turnip, who looked like one of those Pokémon trainers there used to be, he took the chance.
Turnips shall rise.

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