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Quote originally posted by lollygag:
lots of people eat things that are forbidden by the Quran (such as bats). (Believe it or not, most Muslims are not Arabs. Only about 20 percent are.)
1. Bats are not forbidden, only pigs.
2. I'm aware that Arabs are not all the Muslims in the world, also Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei are not Arab, read the title.

Quote originally posted by lollygag:
I think with Egypt, there's been a trend towards Islamization in the past few years.
True, unfortunately. :\

Quote originally posted by lollygag:
Nintendo may be at fault too. They might be assuming that Middle Easterners aren't gamers.
No, Pokemon was extremely popular before it disappeared. I mean, they made collectible discs in potato-chips bags for us Arabs, I guess that shows how much we are important to them as buyers.
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