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Knights of Ekilore- Welcome to Shingou

Much to the Knight's delight, Captain Crewe spoke truthfully and you see the land of Shingou in the horizon. An isolated island nation, Shingou has slowly grown into a relatively successful economic power built on agriculture and trade. It has been always been a keen interest of outsiders, but Shingou has remained a mystery as few scholars remain due to the homogenous population and the reclusive nature of its people. The rolling green hills and diverse geography in the north has remained the only notable characteristics of Shingou, as there is only a sole major city in Zhongshen where its emperor Taiki Okane rules the caste based society with an iron fist. However, because of the bustling trade and farming industries, small villages have been built along the shores and breathtaking green hills of the Shingouese countryside.

The black ship slowly pulls into the port town of Duānkǒu. Captain Crewe barked orders at his sailors, prepping the ship for landing and the crew for a swift yet comfortable arrival. Duānkǒu was an unremarkable town at best, with small buildings built around a fairly sizable port. Located in central Shingou, Duānkǒu was easily the largest of the port towns, almost reaching the status of "city" as far as foreigners were concerned. Fishing boats floated idly in the harbor and the port was full of larger trading vessels and smaller fishing boats.

Soon enough, Captain Crewe howled until the ship anchored at the port and was tied down to the poles that were dotted across the port. As the Knights descended down to the wooden port, mere feet above the crystal clear water of the Sea of Storms, there was reasoning behind the vast ocean of people before them. At the head of the crowd, waiting for the arriving Knights was a man of unremarkable height and build, surrounded by armored guards, with the distinct armor of the Shingou elite, called the Senshi in the local tongue. With long black hair and youthful features, he seemed to be like any other individual on the port but he was far from it. He wore a dark red silk robe with an elaborate design of golden mythic dragons embroidered on the robe. At least that is what the Shingouese called them. Floral designs were stitched on the edges of the robes. The man wore a blue silk shirt underneath the robe. A few fine golden jeweled rings styled his fingers, completing an image of wealth, importance and regality.

"Welcome Knights of Ekilore to Shingou," he said as he greeted the arriving knights with a low bow.

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