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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
I have to say Slaking is one heck of a powerhouse, given how hard it was for me to defeat Norman in Ruby, but Truant is basically there to stop Slaking getting too overpowered. However, it's great for abusing Hyper Beam/Giga Impact, the latter of which helps Slaking's high Attack. And it's not as slow as you thought, and has solid defensive stats too.
For slacking and its godly stats, I would abuse its massive powwer with a choice band. It suites it abillity in the way that Slacking performs a hit and run style of play. Switch in, launch an attack like a nuke, and switch out. Fits choice band nicely, and you wont realy be effected by traunt as long as you switch(albeit still loosing a turn while switching to an appropriate counter to your opponent's current pokemon)