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Takumi Makkusu - She Knows

I was eating pieces of my pancakes, I like eating little pieces, listening to Nami. She was nice, so I think she might not harm me. That still wasn't reason enough to leave me defenseless. I'm still surrounded by these monster, their's bound to be more than one who's not so nice.

Perhaps listening to Nami was a bad thing. She knew I was a human by my nature. That really startled me that I accidentally flip the fork I hold, which held a flat pancake. Well, the pancake flew off the fork into the air. "I-I don't want you to leave. You're actually pretty nice." It was nice to give a nice comment to Nami. I guess I could get used to her. It took me a moment to notice where the pancake hit. The scary part, no matter where it landed or who it landed on, was the conclusion. I saw where the pancake landed: on some boy's head. He was the one shouting. I gulped. Any monster would terrify my. How would this one terrify me? Tons...

"Uh-oh." I am not in a great situation here. What should I do? I wanna run, but I'm frozen in fear on what may happen next. I hope I didn't tick him off.

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