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Originally Posted by twocows View Post
I still think Win8 with a UI mod to make it look decent is the way to go. Change for change's sake is dumb.

Also, 16GB of RAM is overkill. Even 8GB is overkill, really, unless you're the kind of person who forgets to close tabs and then wants to run two games at once. As for support, I can't think of any modern motherboard that can't support 16GB of RAM.
Neither one of my computers support more than 8GB. Also my old laptop only supports 2GB, but I figured a way to get 3GB in.

Originally Posted by InMooseWeTrust View Post
-I have no shortage of storage space. I have a 2 TB and a 3 TB external hard drives, with their own power supplies. For portability, I have a 500 GB hard drive that I ripped from a dead laptop and reformatted and cased. It fits in my pocket and I have it in my laptop bag for short term file storage. I also have flash drives. For long term, things get well-organized into the two big ones.
If you already carry a HDD around, then you might enjoy the SSD performance. The only time I really noticed a speed boost with my SSD was when booting Windows. Don't get me wrong everything loaded faster, but booting the OS is where I really noticed the speed boost.

-The only things filling up beyond 100GB right now in my laptop's internal are torrents and video editing things I've done. And my FLAC collection, half of which I never listen to and don't mind archiving. There's no reason why they can't be external. Windows is 20ish, games and other stuff I use day to day are maybe 50 GB more, if that. I uninstall something right away if I know I won't use something for a long time. Those archives go into external.

-I multitask like a maniac during weekdays. I have stuff open from all my classes, along with endless Firefox and Chrome tabs. I do get a lot of issues with lag as a result. Then I try to open Finale for my music composing class and.... X_X I'm going to get around it by putting stuff like Pagefile on my RAM drive, which I will be able to with more RAM. Maybe I shouldn't try to render Camtasia in the background at the same time, but I gotta do what I gotta do. My laptop somehow always survives, and overheating is really rare. This is where the hard drive bottlenecks before anything else.
If you do a lot of rendering, then you will benefit from an SSD.

-My laptop doesn't have a touchscreen, which Windows 8 appears to be built for. I actually like the old Windows interface, which 7 perfected. I've tried using Macs and iTampons before and I got extremely frustrated with the interface. It's sad for me to see Windows 8 going in that direction. And Windows 7 will be supported for many more years, so it's not some ancient OS that's out of its prime. And a 64 bit machine means I can upgrade into the stratosphere.
My laptop does not have a touch screen either, but Windows 8 includes shortcuts for mouse users.


-I got the 3TB this past Black Friday at Best Buy for $99. I wasn't even in line; I just showed up and they had a lot in stock. I actually like that store.
Best Buy isn't the best store, but it's not bad, but there are stores I would rather spend my money at.

I like Windows 7 too, I have a VM on my laptop that I use for testing. I use it all the time for other things as well.

I don't understand why so many people hate on Windows 8 with out even giving more than 2 minutes of use. I work in tech support call center with a bunch of people who where not huge on the change (hell I wasn't either). But several of us, decided to give it a shot, and not a single person in the call center who has been using it, as come back in saying that they still don't like it.

I implore you to give it a try (use it with an open mind), for more than a few minutes. Sit down and actually use it for a day or two, learn some of short cuts. It's an awesome OS, if you give it a chance.
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