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My original game I defeated Elite 4, a week later my grandma bought me a game of choice and I went with Pokemon White, so I restarted my game to trade a starter with another random Pokemon (I believe it was Lilipup or so)....

So now, in my Black 2 game, I'm approaching Lacunosa Town, and my team now is:

38 - Liepard - nickname: Neko - item: Exp. Share
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Limber
• Fury Swipes
• Shadow Claw
• Payback
• Pursuit

40 - Pansear - nickname: *traded* - item: Soothe Bell
Nature: Rash
Ability: Gluttony
• Flame Burst
• Fire Blast
• Incinirate
• Cut

41 - Watchog - nickname: Xandra - item: Lucky Egg
Nature: Bold
Ability: Keen Eye
• Hyper Fang (going to replace it with TM Retaliate)
• Detect
• Bite (Thinking of replacing it with slam)
• Mean Look (I'm thinking of replacing with TM Thunderbolt)

37 - Dewott - nickname: n/a - item: Everstone
Nature: Rash
Ability: Torrent
• Surf
• Aqua Jet (going to replace with Aqua Tail, it learns at level 41)
• Water Gun (going to replace with TM Blizzard or Ice Beam)
• Razor Shell

35 - Altaria - nickname: n/a - item: Draco Plate
Nature: Bold
Ability: Natural Cure
• Take Down
• Fly
• Dragon Dance
• Dragon Breath

43 - Emolga - nickname: *traded* - Item: Soothe Bell
Nature: Careful
Ability: Static
• Electro Ball
• Charge Beam
• Shock Wave
• Volt Switch

Watchog will probably be the "leader of the pack", I'm training it a lot and making it boost experience with the lucky egg, Neko will be second in line (thats why it has Experience Share) followed by Dewott.

I don't want Dewott to Evolve, so it has everstone. Nothing wrong with Samurott, I love it too, but I tend to favor Dewott more than its other two evo's. (Oshawott or Samurott). Same thing with Pansear, no plans to evolve it.

Originally I was only going to keep Altaria as an HM for Fly, but for now I'm keeping it in the team. I know I'm going to replace Altaria once I catch Mienfoo. I love Mienfoo more.
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