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Only ever met on shiny besides gyarados despite playing for years and years. Also a shiny ralts. But in platinum. Saw it beside... Hearthome? Yeah. I forget sinnoh's city names cuz quite frankly I don't know how to pronounce 80% of them xD (heart-home? Hearth-ome?) anyways back on topic. I had dialga at the front of my party and it was like a lvl 17 ralts. I switched to the only party member I had near its level, my lvl 18 bibarel, and freak teleported instantly. I completely forgot to expect this. So I was mad and sad as idk what (it was male and I didn't have a gallade yet not either a psychic or fighting type on my team so it would have been perfect) but no. Teleport. I'll never forget that moment. Also it counts as my best shiny experience xD
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