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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
(not sure exactly how this'd work but I'm sure Nica can think of something :p)
user signs up to the event, and posts their timezone and when they can be online. the timezones are sorted in the first post, as well when they can be on, sorted down to hours. every hour a new round can start. in the time the user must go through anyone who has signed up to be on in that hour and find out 5 certain things (the criteria would be given by the person starting the thread) through a series of questions (via private message) - in which they must end the pm exchange in a compliment of some sort. if people are offline that doesn't matter because they can go ahead later on in other rounds as there's effectively 24 rounds. there could be four or so hosts so each timezone is covered for the day and when each round is about to start they can send a short pre-typed vm to each person so they're aware it's starting. as an added bonus, person who has the most facts (and has been fact-checked/confirmed by one of the hosts -- which could easily be done) at the end of all the rounds wins an emblem or maybe a supporter tier 3 as a sign of good faith or something idk ppn would probably be for it if it involves bringing the community together ~
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