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No.Why?Of the newer gen consoles,3DS is the cheapest one.In fact,the 3DS costs a bit more than a psp in my country (and when I bought it I paid only 200 euro for a bundle which included SFIV and a case,AND it was eligible for Ambassador,the same cost for a non-bundled wifi vita.Mind you,I found a bundle with LBP for the same price,but I had to buy some extras,whereas the 3DS was complete).As for games,the 3ds has a good lineup of games ,as opposed to the vita (hopefully 2013 will bring new life to the vita).The only minuses for me is 1.damned region lock,2.the games could use more juice from the 3DS (I am sure that games could use a bit more its resources with that battery life) and 3.Lack of second analog stick in even the XL version (wtf that circle pad thingie was only made to milk out more money,I'd trade in my vita for a 3ds xl if the xl version had it implemented)

As a final remark,the DS did not kill pokemon,so why would the 3DS do so?
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