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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
Off-topic but...

The VDay thread really has me thinking. It's amazing the kind of feedback we're getting from it that's really valuable (at least imo) in making future event decisions, and ideas we may not come up with ourselves especially since people plan the same holidays over and over again so ideas start sounding stale...

I just wonder if it would be a good idea to have some kind of public "event submission" kind of thing. You can PM a staff member to talk about it now but that takes a lot of initiative and people may not be aware that's an option and I really like how we can see from that thread people showing interest in an event, since a lot of times events are based on if we think people will be interested and we have to make educated guesses.

Idk just thinking out loud here. I wish there was a way to make members feel that submitting events and talking about their opinions on events is really welcome.
I think that'd be really nice! Maybe every so often PC can draw inspiration for contests from members (like how we have competitions like in GE or the Art section) too! It'll take some stress of the mods maybe if there are some well known and trustworthy members who'd like to host the events too.
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