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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
If this worked it would be amazing, but I'm pretty sure Truant doesn't let you switch out on the turn after you attack, I think you have to wait 'till he's finished truanting. So you'd be using up 4 turns and an unclean switch in for the next Pokémon all to launch one nuke... Albeit an amazingly powerful nuke, but still haha.

Oh god parahax Togekiss is the devil itself in Pokémon form. Facing those in battles is like ripping your teeth out

That's not one I ever expected to come up lmao. What can Lickilicky offer that other Normal types can't? Is it sturdy enough to survive using Curse? xD
Usually, yes! I use the moveset - Curse, Dragon Tail, Rest and Sleep Talk. For me, a nooby competitive battler it's a great Pokémon to use!
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