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Just took down Wattson; wasn't very hard with the awesome Combusken by my side. :D My team so far is as follows:

Combusken ♀ | Hardy | Lv. 27 | Gift
Ember, Peck, Sand-Attack, Double Kick

Skitty ♀ | Careful | Lv. 17 | Attract
Tackle, Sing, Doubleslap, Attract

Gloom ♀ | Timid | Lv. 21 | Flower
Absorb, Cut, Stun Spore, Poisonpowder

Ninjask ♂ | Jolly | Lv. 21 | Valentine
Scratch, Double Team, Leech Life, Sand-Attack

Volbeat ♂ | Quirky | Lv. 14 | Duo
Tackle, Confuse Ray, Double Team, Moonlight

Lots of fire weaknesses on my team, but I'll be fine hopefully. Training Volbeat with the Exp. Share right now before moving onto Skitty!