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Chapter 1:
The top of BenGames, Films, and More was on fire! The Champion City police was on scene, and were sending out water Pokemon to put out the fire, while the Aloma Elite Officers went in for the employees. Ben, and all the other workers were evacuated safely. Then a helicopter with a "v" symbol appeared. The Elite Officers took a position and began to fire at the chopper. It fired back covering the uniformed men, now being dropped into the building. Meanwhile, police were evacuating the area, when another bomb went off in the Pokemon Center across the street, blowing it to smithereens. Every building in the city was now evacuated. The citizens were all taken to the Pokemon Gym, down the street to hide in the bomb shelter. The city was turning into a war zone. Above ground, more bombs were going off. Jake was looking for his family, when he ran into Professor Riora, who was supposed to give the Starter Pokemon to Jake.

"Sir, do you know whats happening?" Jake asked.

"Its Team Venom", Riora said.

Team Venom was an evil organization who occupied Aloma, and proved to have a very tough army.
Jake continued to look for his family, then found them.

Soon the bombing. the shooting, and the battle in general stopped, and police came down to let them back into the city. Riora later said that Jake was still going to get his Pokemon the next day. Everything was normal again, except for the fact that the Pokemon Center must be rebuilt, and BenGames, Films, and More would have to be fixed.

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