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Originally Posted by .EJ View Post
[citation needed]

Actually R/B/Y have sold more than Gold and Silver (look it up), and really, we can't even use the argument that the old games sold more simply because Black & White 1 are still pretty fresh and still selling.

On topic: No, the 3DS =/= RIP Pokemon. If anything, it's a huge step in the right direction.
Actually yeah, I think I misread the Red/Blue numbers. How much did they sell again? Can't seem to find it anymore. But anyway, the number of sales IS much lower than G/S and R/B/Y nowadays, and at least where I live, none of the movies are in cinemas anymore(the last one that was in the cinemas was during G/S/C era, I think). I think Pokemon is nowhere near dying yet, but the numbers of sales is definitely lower than they used to be and I think that they'll just keep dropping.
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