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Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
I can't imagine getting much meat of a Torchic... Farfetch'd on the other hand.

Are they going to eat Omanyte and Omastar as well? Their beta names put together did make Escargot after all.
I was refering more to the evolutionary line as Torchic is a yeah fried Blaziken...which is funny as it has fire so how would one eat it in poke world...
Anyways Platinum had a story in which if one dumped the bones of a pokemon into the water it'll return, not sure if that was metaphorical or literal.

Now only 2-7 days until we get some new info, hopefully we'll get some early scans by monday or wendsday.
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ORAS have been confirmed Remakes by Nintendo, they aren't Sequels so let go of that idea people.